The French School of Siem Reap (EFSR) is a non-profit institution, which opened its doors in September 2003. he school was created on a private initiative with the aim of providing quality education, in accordance with the official instructions of the French Ministry of Education.
Managed by a parent association (Law 1901, non-profit) since 2008, it educates students from the very youngest section of kindergarten to grade 10.

Certified by the French Ministry of Education up to grade 6 (pending approval for cycle 4 up to grade 9) and a partner of the Agency for the Teaching of French Abroad (AEFE), it employs qualified French teachers, carefully selected and regularly visited by inspectors appointed by France.

The objectives of the EFSR are ambitious and advocate excellence and success for all by offering :

  • A caring education from kindergarten onwards,
  • A quality direct French education up to grade 9 (2023) and via the Centre National d’Enseignement à Distance (CNED), assisted by tutors for grade 10,
  • An active, motivating and individualised teaching method,
  • A school project promoting multilingualism and interculturality,
  • An individualised orientation project adapted to the desires and skills of each student, allowing them to enter the best institutions in Asia and Europe.