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The French School of Siem Reap

The French School of Siem Reap (EFSR in French) was launched in September of 2003. Managed by an association of parents since 2008, it welcomes students from the first level to high school.

Being homologated by the French Ministry of National Education and a partner of the Agency for the Teaching of French Abroad (AEFE), the school hires French-certified teachers who are regularly inspected.


Educational Offer

Nursery school

The main objective of the nursery school is to allow each child to have a successful first school experience. French nursery school is one of the few nursery schools in the world to offer a program established by a Ministry of Education which is mandatory.

Elementary school

During the 5 years of elementary school, children develop their knowledge of French, Mathematics, History, Geography and Science as well as their skills in artistic and sporting activities. The teaching is attached to the transversality of the learning.

Middle school

College students enrolled in the CNED are welcome at the school and aided by tutors. In addition to quality school support, students will be able to participate in the life of the school, access the library and use the available computer equipment.

Foreign languages

From the first year of Nursery school, children receive hours of training in English. Throughout schooling, children will structure this learning to develop skills that will enable them to communicate both orally and in writing.

School life

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