To date, we offer a reception and supervision service for students during the lunch break (paid service). The meal can be provided by parents or the school via a canteen service.

The meal provided by the parents will be reheated at lunchtime by the school assistants.

A package is offered at the start of the term for parents who want their child to take meals at school, the price is communicated at the start of each term: in September, January and April.

Since September 2023, we have offered a canteen service every day except Wednesday. You can register children from 2 days per week. Billing is done once a month.

A company from Siem Reap offers meal trays, balanced and meeting food safety standards (cold chain, hot, etc.).
The meal consists of a starter, an Asian or Western dish (alternating), a dessert, bread and rice.
Possible food allergies will be taken into account (it does not contain nuts).
Registration via the secretariat.