The lessons at the EFSR follow the programs defined by the French Ministry of National Education. The main language is French. The details of the programs can be consulted on the website of the Ministry of National Education.

Our school is a French school, open to international students, which focuses on:

  • Early learning of 2 foreign languages: English and Khmer. A teaching of English through CLIL (Teaching a Matter Integrated to a Foreign Language) that allows the teaching in English of Science from CP and History from CM.
  • The reception of non-French speaking students to nursery school with a reinforcement of French (French as a Foreign Language which is the language of schooling)
  • Discovering the local culture, openness to the world and the nearby environment
  • Education for autonomy, citizenship, respect for others and the environment
  • A collaboration with the French Lycée René Descartes in Phnom Penh
  • Proposed certifications: the National Diploma of the Brevet, Cambridge English testing (René Descartes)
  • A varied offer of after school-activities including: yoga, football, tennis, aikido, chess, swimming, etc.

In France, the statutory duration of the school week for students in nursery and elementary school is 24 hours. At EFSR, the school week is 26 hours in order to include 2 additional hours of foreign language teaching. Students with a learning difficulties can recieve a maximum of two additional hours devoted to personalized help.

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