Children have the option to take a parent-supplied meal at school, which can be kept cold and warmed up at lunchtime. The supervision of the meals, as well as the supervision in the playground, is ensured by a manager and two to three assistants. Rate: 2$ per lunch, then 1$ from the 11th meal of the month, to be paid at the end of each month (subject to change). The rates cover only the monitoring and cleaning of utensils and lunchboxes.

A flat rate is proposed at the beginning of the trimester; the rate is communicated at the beginning of each of them: in September, in January, and in April.

Homework assistance

In a multicultural environment, it is sometimes difficult for families to aid their child with homework. It is to help non-Francophone families and parents that we have set up a homework help service to optimize academic success.

This paid service is offered four days a week, for one hour. A guardian accompanies the children in order to supervise them and to help them in case of difficulty.

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