In our modern world, the English language should not be taught as a second language but as an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to communicate in a wide and diverse environment. For this purpose, from the first year of Nursery school, children receive hours of training in English. Throughout schooling, children will structure this learning to develop skills that will enable them to communicate both orally and in writing.

Introduction to the Khmer language is also included in the program: Thirty minutes in Nursery school and one hour per week in Elementary school. This is done by a Cambodian teacher.

English is taught as two hours a week in Nursery school and two hours and a half in Elementary.

To further strengthen English language skills, CLIL (Teaching Integrated Matter to a Foreign Language) has been in place since September of 2015. Science or History is taught in English by an English teacher. From CM1, a reinforced English course is proposed with more CLIL.

In addition, learning English is also extended during some extra-curricular activities led by English-speaking instructors.



Since 2018, the EFSR offers the possibility to certify the levels acquired in English and French.

• Cambridge

The level certification in English can be assessed at Siem Reap’s Australian Center for Education (ACE).


The Alliance Française of Siem Reap. is a partner of the French School. Its mission is to provide a sufficient level of French through French language classes to enable students to enter our school. Its mission is also to certify a student’s level in the French language. This is the A2 level of the DELF Prime, which is targeted at the end of CM2.

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