The AEFE network (AEFE) manages nearly 500 schools, colleges and high schools located outside France, in 137 countries worldwide. These institutions offer to teach in accordance with the requirements of the programs of the French National Education system. These accredited institutions are holders of universal values – tolerance, humanism, equal opportunities, intellectual curiosity, and the promotion of critical thinking and allow schooling without disruption, from nursery school to the baccaloreate. Because they belong to a dynamic, attractive and open international network, they offer particularly rewarding training.

In figures :

  • More than 350 000 students, of which 60 % are foreigners and 40 % are French.
  • 497 middle and high schools established in 137 countries
  • Around 17 000 bachelor students every year
  • More than 6 500 French certified teachers and thousands of locally recruited staff

The EFSR has been homologated and partnered with the AEFE network since 2008. This is a guarantee of a school conforming to the requirement of the programs of the French National Education.

Shanghaï 2017, Asia Pacific Principals seminary

Singapore 2018, Asia Pacifc Principals seminary

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