The French School of Siem Reap is an associative structure managed by a Parents’ Association of students (APE), a non-profit association under Cambodian law.

Students’ parents are automatically members of the APE. The association meets at least once a trimester. Important decisions and the appointment of the executive board of the association are submitted to the vote of the members. Each member has one vote per registered child.

The APE’s Executive Board is made up of 5 members for the 2020-2022 school year:

  • Co-President: Cyril FOURNIER
  • Co-President: Stéphane BOURCIER
  • Treasurer: Arnaud MARTIN
  • Secretary: Sarah CANTERO
  • Assistant Secretary: Tim BLONDEEL

The executive board determines the management and operational aspects of the school, in consultation with the entire APE and regularly consults the teaching team. The office represents the APE and the school in all its administrative or communication procedures.

The APE makes financial decisions concerning, in particular:

  • investment expenditure (works, equipment)
  • the expenses related to the running of the school
  • the costs of schooling
  • recruitment and remuneration of staff

Requests made by the pedagogical director and/or by the school council (see pedagogical structure chapter) are studied by the APE office.

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