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For the youngest... 


Objective :

The CHIN CHOK CLUB is a parent owned playgroup, associated with the French School of Siem Reap (EFSR).

The CHIN CHOK CLUB welcomes toddlers aged 1-3 year old to a multicultural and bilingual (French-Khmer) pre-schooling programme in a child-friendly place.

The CHIN CHO CLUB offers the children a friendly and safe place to socialize with other children and benefit from appropriate educational activities to develop their senses and abilities.

History :

The CHIN CHOK CLUB has been created in 2003 by a group of parents concerned about their toddler's arousing. When the concept first started, the parents would take turns to look after and entertain the children. Little by little, the CHIN CHOK CLUB became more and more professional through the recruitment of French educators and Cambodian assistants. The precious input of experienced crèche instructors helped to set up a programme respecting the specific needs and paces of such young children.

In September 2008, the CHIN CHOK CLUB  associated with the French School (EFSR) and moved to their school building.


1 Coordinator

2 French educator
She is responsible for the programme, preparation of the activities, management of the cashbook & small procurement.

3 Cambodian assistants
They help with the implementation of the activities & looking after the children.
The number of assistants is adapted to the number of children.

Siem Reap
Educational programme :

Educational activities are proposed to the children to develop psycho motor skills, dexterity, their ability to communicate (language learning…) and especially to socialize.

All sessions are split in 20mn long sequences and alternate various activities to stimulate senses, communication, imagination, movement, and try to keep a balance between guided semi-guided and free activities. The educators have to adjust sequences accordingly to the reaction of the children.

Activities are organized around a main subject; specific new notions or words are repeated or emphasized throughout all activities during a pre-defined period.

Children are encouraged to participate as they can, according to their age and personal preferences.

Examples of themes: the body, shapes, colours, animals that can fly or swim, the circus, emotions, day/night, New Year, machines and transportation, different cultures,...
Examples of activities: Songs, nursery rhymes, storytelling, puzzles, play dough, piling & construction games, origami, cut & paste, painting (with fingers, sponges, paintbrush, stencil,...), drawing (with pen, pencils, chalk, colouring,...), water games, sandbox, party & fancy dressing, music & dance, excursions (only if enough parents can accompany the group),...


Enrolment & contacts

Children can start at any moment of the year. For information and enrolment, please contact:
Coordinator: Diane CAROEN
Tel: (00 855) 12 285 912
Educator :  Davy
Tel: (00 855) 96 974 19 76

Timing & Calendar :

Chin Chok Club is open from Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 12am.
For security reasons, children can be dropped off until 8:30 and picked up from 11:30.


The Tchin Tcho Club is entirely financed by the enrolment fee and the monthly allowance paid by the parents.

Annual enrolment fee:      70 USD

Monthly allowance:      80 USD

Allowance / morning (for children not coming daily):  8 USD