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The French School welcomes French speaking children of all nationalities for schooling in French. The curriculum conforms to the French National Education Curriculum.
Non-French speakers are welcomed at Tchin Tcho Club (1-3 years old) and Kindergarten (3 – 6 years old).


The French School of Siem Reap (E.F.S.R.) opened on the 2nd of September 2003. The school was an initiative of two families. Their objective was to provide a quality education conforms to the official instructions of the Ministry of Education in France.
Since September 2008, the school has been managed by the Parents Association (APE) – for more information: See Administrative structure.


The French School of Siem Reap is homologated by the Ministry of Education of France since 2011. This is a guarantee that the teaching standards are up to those expected : the school and teachers are regularly inspected.
The School is also affiliated to the French Agency for French Education abroad (AEFE), and belongs to a worlwide network of French Schools. The Director and teachers can benefit from continuous training programs and are updated about changes related to educational policy, programs and methods.



The school is located in a quiet area with easy access, 2 minutes from the center of Siem Reap. The classrooms and the outside recreation area offer children a secure, comfortable and nice environment for learning and enjoying playtime.


Children from 3 year old onwards are eligible for schooling at E.F.S.R.
Small children from 1-3 year old are welcomed at the Tchin Tchok Club (see link Tchin Tchok Club)

The Kindergarten has 3 grades:
  • 1st year (Petite Section) for 3 to 4 year old children
  • 2nd year (Moyenne Section) for 4 to 5 year old children
  • 3rd year (Grande Section) for 5 to 6 year old children

Non-French speaking children are also welcomed at the kindergarten without precondition.

The Primary school has 5 grades:
  • CP (preparatory course) for 6 to 7 year old children

  • CE1 (elementary grade 1) for 7 to 8 year old children

  • CE2 (elementary grade 2) for 8 to 9 year old children

  • CM1 (medium grade 1) for 9 to 10 year old children

  • CM2 (medium grade 2) for 10 to 11 years old children


Admission of non-French speaking students is subject to assessment by the teacher.



A system of tutoring and follow-up of long distance education has been organized since September 2009.